Make Your Own Diamond Jewelry Set with Loose Cut Diamonds

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Reason to Buy Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamond is a diamond some of the extremely popular-selling in the world. It is all the cuts and expenditure of the smallest of the original crystal. The brightness exclusively beautiful as a favorite for engagement rings and other jewelry. Normally people like princess because rectangular or square, and still have the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. The size is considered as enhanced than the square of the stone is cut to a correct 90 degree angle to each other inside the curve.

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Reason to Buy Princess Cut Diamond

The new trend cut and often finds its way to Solitaire diamond rings, stud, earrings and other jewelry. Mostly women prefer smooth hand with long fingers, it is often larger than life with triangular stones at his side. Due to its design, this cut requires more weight to be redirected to a great depth in order to maximize clarity.

Princess Cut usually cheaper forms of the same carat weight since the operation is in fact a pyramid on its head most of the carat weight in the pavilion or bottom of the stone.

It is of course more beautiful and brighter by the special effects of the additional facets.