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How to major your loose diamond cut, color and clarity online

Loose Diamond is a product that needs attention before making any purchases online. Many of you may think that the myths and facts are available to know about diamonds. Well, you cannot rely blindly on information provided via the Internet. You must have some basic knowledge about it and should be aware about products that are less likely to err on the network. So as I explained,loose diamonds is one of the products you need to know. It is difficult to tell a piece of glass and a piece of precious diamonds in the image on a website. So here I want to explain some facts and myths of loose diamonds.

Diamond is indestructible

It is true that the diamond is one of the hardest stones in the world, but it’s true that cannot be broken. Because modern technology and tools, you can change some characteristics of a diamond with a harsh chemical and heat treatment routine. This process is somewhat similar to the process improvement of diamonds.

Diamonds are in limited supply

We believe that the price of any product became higher when there is strong market demand and production of this particular substance is rare. But this is not the same for diamonds. Diamonds are rare because the distribution of diamonds on the market is highly regulated market. A survey indicates that if all the diamonds in the world came out and all the people of America get a cup of diamonds in quantity.


Size is everything that has an impact on the price

This is one of the most common myths about it. At the beginning of the past, when there was no standard or modern instruments, people used to consider the size, rather than quality. It is possible that high-quality small diamond is more valuable than diamonds of lower quality important. So is the quality of the diamond rather than the weight or size. There are institutions out there as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which provides certain standards and certification to measure the quality of real diamonds in bulk. So when you decide to buy loose diamonds always look for the quality and other accepted standards.


They are always expensive

Not the case at all times. The price of diamonds is determined by four factors are carat, color, cut and clarity. Together, these four factors that determine the real price of it. So if you have found diamonds at low prices on the net that does not mean it is not real.

It is a good investment

There is no industry standard or diamond, silver and other metals and gold. So there are no predefined criteria which the future can be estimated diamond market. In general, people used to buy natural loose diamonds to show their status and personal pleasure. I do not buy diamonds turn on the big investment after some time.