Make Your Own Diamond Jewelry Set with Loose Cut Diamonds

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champagne diamonds

Champagne diamonds is one of the gorgeous colors in all diamonds. They are natural color and come in many different shape and brown color, Although champagne diamonds once considered undesirable, because the color was more popular, it has become more popular over time and you can makes beautiful jewelry and accessories for this diamond

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The white diamonds produced in the world and cut into different shapes and sizes. A white diamond is totally colorless. White diamonds are ordinary and the price is very consistent. The simple beauty and brightness of a white diamond inspiration. It is possible for white diamonds jewelry.

A to Z Knowledge About Loose Champagne Diamonds

Champagne natural color diamonds is similar to a chocolate brown diamonds and diamond. Champagne color diamonds are significant primarily because champagne is as much a symbol of wealth and power as diamonds, especially champagne diamonds are found in the Ragged Ranges and beautiful East Kimberley region of Western Australia is the world’s largest producer of champagne diamonds. The East Kimberley is a land of rugged mountains, deep gorges and dry savannah within which lie pipes of lamproite, diamond-bearing ore.

Champagne Color Diamond grading Scale

C1 – C2 = Light Champagne

C3 – C4 = Medium champagne

C5 – C6 = Dark Champagne

C7 = Fancy Cognac

Round Shape Champagne DiamondCushion Champagne Diamond Pear Shape Champagne Diamond

Calculate champagne diamond quality as per 4 C’s

The first things you should learn are the 4 C’s. That’s Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. It’s very important to evaluate diamonds on your own.

Color refers to the intensity of color or lack of color in a diamond.

Clarity relates to a diamond’s relative freedom from blemishes and inclusion such as cracks and dark spots.

Cut refers to the overall proportions and symmetry of the diamond faces, fashioned when transforming a rough diamond to a polished diamond.

Carat is the standard unit of weight for diamonds. One carat equals 0.2 gram and 100 points equals one carat.

Using Guideline 4 C’s you can recognize the color of champagne diamonds are natural and they were just induced. If you do not know how to identify, read the above information and know how to identify natural diamonds was a lab or you can bring it to a jeweler and have identified.

Heart Shape Champagne Diamond Radiant Champagne Diamond Oval Shape Champagne Diamond

All diamonds are beautiful colors, but are especially good for the quality of the loose champagne diamonds, making them more beautiful and romantic than any other diamond. Colors indicate their elastic delicate flames Grabber allow people to recognize the true beauty of the diamond itself.

Champagne diamonds are one of the most versatile and trendy, for this reason they are so popular with jewelry designer’s worldwide scale. Their colors are warm and suitable for all skin colors and their complementary colors that they mix and match perfectly with jewelry like engagement rings, pendant, bracelet, necklace and other jewelry.

Last but not least, choose the loose diamond champagne from a reliable store or online site. Maybe it’s based on personal recommendations, or the result of your research online. Take time to compare websites, read the product descriptions, user reviews, and return policy.

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